“How do you spell that?”

I have a really long name. It’s inevitable that whenever introducing myself, ordering anything, or calling in for something that we end up having a conversation about my name, and my origins. So much so that I have shortened my first name from Eleonore, to Elli, and given myself an alias in place of my last name for booking a table with a busy restaurant, or having my name looked up in store.

It’s a repetitive process for me, but in reality, I quite like it. A part of me wants to shrink away but there is another part which likes being special and unique.

How do you spell that? is a question that’s often asked of me by the world and it stirs a lot of emotions each time. As the girl with the ‘weird’ accent and hair colour that could be authentically Scandinavian (or American, or any kind of European) I also get asked where I’m from, where I’ve lived, what my parents do, what I’m doing… I believe that analysis and understanding are important and so, instead of shying away from the feelings that these questions summon, I write about them.

There are a lot of questions out there. I do my fair share of asking too. I ask about words, about names, about why things happen, what people think.

This blog is about the feelings, thoughts and emotions which questions invoke in me as well as those questions I ask of the world – my own who, what, where and why of everything. Hopefully you will find some of it interesting.

It all comes back to the first question that I always get asked ‘how do you spell that?’