What does it all mean?

It’s hard to write an introduction when I’m not quite sure what I’m introducing. Is it an introduction to this blog? An introduction to me? Or something else entirely – some new way of thinking that you’ll suddenly develop from reading what I have to say. Maybe it’s all of the above.

I’m writing a blog because, hopefully, I have something to say. At the moment it’s less one important thing, and more like a huge number of thoughts, feelings and ideas which desperately need an outlet.  I think that writing is what helps me order, organise, and make sense of my thoughts. If I don’t do this then I end up with this jumble of word vomit and opposing opinions whenever anyone asks me an innocent question; inevitably I say the wrong thing and then ruminate on it for days to come. I’ve noticed that this doesn’t happen as much when I’ve already written something on the subject. My thoughts are ordered, they make sense, I may even be able to make a valid or persuasive argument.

The reason that I think this may be worth publishing online and sharing with you is the hope that, with practise and dedication on my part, it may turn into something more than just a jumble of thoughts. It may turn into one of those blogs that always has a great angle, or summary of the way everyone is feeling when something big happens, something like Wait, But Why?, or The Oatmeal. Of course, the more likely scenario is that it won’t. There are 7 billion people out there, which is a hell of a lot of competition, in anything.

So for me, this is the start of a journey. It may be the first of many blogs for me, or it may be the one which helps me to realise that I don’t have the dedication or interest for blogging, and that there are other pursuits out there for me. Which makes it sound like an activity in personal reflection which, in a way, I suppose it is.

Either way, this has been an interesting time in my life and I think that somewhere in my mind there is something that is worthwhile reading, if I can just get it out of my head and onto paper, or a screen.

So, I formally introduce you to the online version of my thought map, my mind puzzle, my online space for self-reflection, as well as thoughts, feelings and considerations about the world around us. I hope you will find it interesting, insightful, helpful even.

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